Tell Congress:
Climate Change is an Unfair Threat

We are conservatives who care about climate change. Our voice is extremely important.

Conservatives like us are increasingly fed up with the lack of Congressional action on climate change. It’s not fair to leave our children and grandchildren a dirty, fouled environment. It’s not right to let people dump on their neighbors without holding them accountable.

It’s unfair and irresponsible to let carbon pollution harm our health, property, and security. We must protect our freedom and way of life.

Send your Member of Congress a letter to let them know that climate change matters to you. Give them the political courage to act on climate and assure them that you’ll have their back when they do.

Thanks for speaking up. Your voice matters.

Hit “Start Writing” below and we’ll provide you with a pre-written message to your representative. Feel free to edit the letter and make it your own!

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