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Thank Senator Romney

Did you hear what Senator Mitt Romney said recently?

“For the life of me I don’t understand why Democrats right now through reconciliation are spending and taxing on their own but they are not planning on putting in place a price on carbon. I don’t understand why not.”

We are with Senator Romney — a carbon tax is the most effective way to reduce emissions, relying on the power of the market, not big government.

Sign our thank-you letter to Senator Romney and let him know that you’ve got his back!


Dear Senator Romney,

Thank you for your recent comments about a carbon tax — they were insightful and timely.

As conservatives who want climate action, we are thankful that you’re speaking up for pragmatic solutions that will have the greatest impact on carbon emissions with the least amount of government intervention.

We especially appreciate that you are making these statements even when the rest of the party is not yet on board.

Economists get it. You get it. A price on carbon just makes sense.

We on the EcoRight stand with you.

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