Led by the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), a millennial-founded and driven group which empowers conservatives to re-engage on environmental conversations, 41 state college Republican chairmen signed a letter encouraging conservative action on clean energy and environmental issues. “A conservative approach to renewable energy, land conservation, sportsmen’s rights, and our agricultural system will allow America to expand its position as a global energy leader, while embracing the values of stewardship that date back more than a century to President Theodore Roosevelt,” the letter reads. “As leaders, both on campus and in our states, we firmly believe that environmental stewardship is important, deserves our attention, and should employ a market-centric solution.” According to Pew Research Center survey: 38 percent of Gen Z Republicans (age 13-21) said they believe climate change is caused by human activity, compared to less than a third of Millennial Republicans.

States which signed the letter include Florida, Texas, and Ohio. According to ACC communications director Bethany Bowra, while the letter doesn’t specifically address climate change, “As conservatives, we believe innovation, clean energy and free-market policies are the answers to climate-related issues.”