With more and more GOP lawmakers recognizing the realities of Climate Change, those who are still in denial are digging in their heels. An action group ironically named the “Energy & Environment Action Team” recently released a 16-page pamphlet to every member of congress encouraging lawmakers to reject all climate policies. “There is absolutely no reason for any Republican to offer a plan to ‘combat climate change,'” the pamphlet contested, “Such a plan, if enacted would accomplish nothing good for America or the climate.”. This pushback was sparked by the multiple Republican politicians flirting with ideas of actual climate policy contributions, especially Florida Representative Matt Gaetz ‘Green Real Deal’. The ‘Green Real Deal’ of course is a Republican response to Democrat freshman Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ which headlined earlier this year.

Beyond the Florida Representative’s efforts, Tennessee Representative Lamar Alexander (R) called for a bipartisan approach to adopting cleaner forms of energy, specifically nuclear, in a measure called the ‘New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy”. In response to a sudden change in the winds, ardent climate deniers threaten to step up the attacks. The previously mentioned 16 page labeled Gaetz “one Republican to fall for the climate-baiting guilt-trip.”. The pamphlet consistently misrepresents climate science, painting denial as a political victory for the party.

With eyes to the coming election year, with climate science playing a large role in the Democratic Primary, this dichotomy in the Republican party shows no signs of cooling down.