In a joint House Foreign Affairs and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis hearing yesterday featuring young climate activists , American Conservation Coalition founder and president Benji Backer testified EcoRight style.

“With global carbon emissions rising 1.7% last year, an important American election on the horizon, and more youth demanding action than ever before, we’re at a crossroads in history,” he said in his written statement. “Without bipartisan solutions on climate change, nothing can be accomplished. Most importantly, our conversations related to climate change should focus on cutting global greenhouse gas emissions, not pandering to a political base or scoring political points. This conversation needs to be about the most efficient and comprehensive ways to cut global emissions. My generation doesn’t care about the politics around climate change. We just want productive discussions, realistic answers, and sound policy solutions. I urge every elected official listening to put partisan politics aside and collaborate on this pivotal issue. It is my belief that history will look kindly on those who worked across the aisle to find solutions.”

Backer shared the stage with Swedish 16-year old Greta Thunberg, who submitted the last IPCC report as her written statement.