Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush took his campaign out west, where he said as president, he would move the headquarters of the Department of Interior (DOI), which is comprised of the agencies managing U.S. federal lands. “Ninety percent plus of their activities are out here,” Bush said at a stop in Nevada where he unveiled the idea. “But the folks that actually do the work, that impede the partnerships from being created, all live in Maryland, Virginia and Washington.”

“Our land is part of our heritage,” Bush said in regard to the National Park Service (NPS), an agency housed within DOI. He would divert more funds to the NPS while also giving more power to governors and local governments for protection of wildlife and lands.

“Maybe all the people freaking out about the climate change issue could bring their passion to bear to bring about better forest management, Bush said. “Has anyone measured the carbon emissions of massive forest fires?”

Bush embraces the science of climate change and has called for a solution that doesn’t harm the economy.