A group of prominent businesses ranging from BP to Campbell Soup, IKEA to GM sent Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick a letter outlining their support for a market-based approach to pricing carbon. While they did not endorse the MARKET CHOICE Act, they thanked Curbelo for leading the dialogue on a carbon tax and seeking a bipartisan solution to climate change.

“We believe that an economy-wide, market-based approach to valuing or pricing carbon, when carefully crafted, can both strengthen our economy and reduce carbon emissions by encouraging technological innovation and stimulating new investments in infrastructure, products, and services,” the letter reads. “A market-based approach provides companies, such as ours, with much-needed certainty to aid us in making long-term investment decisions that can further mitigate climate-related risks for our companies, supply chains, and the communities in which we live and work.” The letter goes on to explain that climate change will impact their employees, customers, communities, and their own businesses.

“Your recently introduced legislation, the MARKET CHOICE Act (H.R. 6463), represents an opportunity for both parties to engage in substantive dialogue on the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, and to craft legislative solutions that benefit citizens in many different areas of the United States.”

The EcoRight agrees with their sentiment and sees continued engagement by corporate interests as a powerful step forward for free-market climate solutions.