This week’s climate jester designation goes to a slate of House of Representatives candidates in Tennessee trying to out hoaxter each other in a race to the bottom. When climate change came up at a recent forum, the following happened:

State Rep. Jimmy Matlock declared “this climate change religion that’s been thrown at us is fake news.”

Republican candidate Vito Sagliano said “nothing can be done” because what we’re really seeing is a shift in the Earth’s magnetic field.

David Stansberry asserted that the hole in the ozone fixed itself. (Related: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher rolled over in their graves.)

Greg Samples, a libertarian running as an independent, focused his answer on the shift from global warming to climate change.

Independent candidate Jeffrey Grunau said he hadn’t seen the data, an answer almost as bad as “I’m not a scientist, but…”

Needless to say, Team Climate Jester is batting 0.00. Thankfully the Tennessee delegation has rational clean energy and climate leaders in Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker.