🎆Happy Independence Day!🎆

We’ll keep it short so you can get on with your holiday weekend.

This week’s must listen: In our third episode of the EcoRight Speaks, I’m joined by special guest, friend of the republicEn.org team, Nick Huey. We cover a range of issues, including his July 2019 testimony before the Senate Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. Nick coined the expression The Far Middle in his most heartfelt statement, one that choked him up—and me, even in recounting this for our podcast.

“We may be from different parties, but we’re from the same planet,” he said at the hearing. “The Far Left and Right each believe they have every right answer, while the other has none. Could there be a less rational mentality? To believe another group of people doesn’t have a single valid point to offer to the world? Radicalism is the abandonment of reason to embrace rage. To protect the tribe by hurting the other team. To prove my side right, by proving yours is wrong. It is this pride that has landed us in a cesspit of hate, unable to tackle climate change, the biggest threat facing our planet, because we’d rather tackle each other.”

We talk about this and sooo much more. Be sure to listen.

And THANK YOU. The reviews for the podcast are coming in and they are great!  

Tune in to our conversation next week with John Sweeney. You can find the EcoRight Speaks on your favorite way to listen to podcasts!

This week’s must read: Conservatives should follow Reagan’s lead on climate solution (The Orlando Sentinel) Penned by our good EcoRIght friend David Jenkins, who recounts how Ronald Reagan became “the world’s first head of state to personally approve a national negotiating policy on ozone protection,” noting “when faced with mounting concern about ozone depletion, Reagan listened to the scientists, weighed all the facts, and chose to act.”

House GOP back ACC plan: This week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other top GOP leaders endorsed the American Conservation Coalition’s American Climate Contract. “As we look to rebuild our nation, I believe that we have an opportunity to do so while creating a cleaner future for all Americans,” McCarthy said, according to the Washington Examiner. “Conservative plans for the environment, as this contract does, understand that lasting and effective environmental progress depends on American innovation and exporting that technology around the world — not on enforcing debilitating taxes or punitive mandates.”

Our congrats go out to ACC for assembling a large choir on their plan.

🎆Have a safe and enjoyable weekend! 🎆