Here we are with your abbreviated edition of Week En Review before everyone heads off for what I hope is a long weekend.

This week’s must read: Is climate change hurting your skin?

When I saw this Yale Climate Communications piece, I immediately read it. As someone who has had melanoma and is religious about sunscreen application, I was curious as to whether there is more I should be doing.

After all, as Dr. Misha Rosenbach, professor of dermatology and rheumatology at the University of Pennsylvania, warns, “skin troubles are poised to worsen in a world with escalating climate hazards such as soaring temperatures, widespread air pollution, and more wildfires. We can protect ourselves, but applying sunscreen is only the first step.”

The TLDR version: hydrate, wash your face, moisturize, wear protective clothing, wear sunglasses, keep windows up in the car during heavy pollution episodes, get good sleep. And the big one: advocate for climate change solutions!

EcoRight Speaks Season Eight Finale

What a season!

Thank you so much to all our wonderful guests who came on the show to talk about their areas of expertise. We had all “new to us” guests this season, and I like to think we made a bunch of new friends, many whom we will have back in future seasons.

In this episode, we draw from some of our favorite moments, including our conversations with Benji Backer, Dr. Holly Krupka, and Bob Keefe.

If you missed any episodes, we like to think they are evergreen so go back and catch up during the break. We will be back in your ears soon with season 9!

Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July and while it’s impossible in today’s world to avoid plastics, is there one step you can take to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics?

For example, I LOVE my “emotional support waterbottle,” which I have adorned with stickers that tell people I’m from Maine without telling people I’m from Maine. Bypass plastic cutlery when getting takeout. Bring reuseable grocery bags to the store.

Quote of the week:

From this op-ed written by Friend of the EcoRight, Greg Bertelsen, CEO of the Climate Leadership Council, recently published in Real Clear Energy.

The Montreal Protocol’s resounding success in curbing ozone-depleting substances offers U.S. policymakers a compelling roadmap. This is complex terrain, but the Protocol gives us a relatively straightforward and adaptable formula: international partnerships, trade incentives, and clear domestic economic opportunities lead to meaningful climate progress. In following this approach, policymakers can leverage the strength of our cleaner economy to forge effective global cooperation for generations to come.

Have a great weekend, friends.