Happy Graduation! Whoops, that’s for later this morning when my younger son graduates 8th grade. I mean to say, happy Friday, your favorite day of the week because Week En Review hits your inbox (and it’s Saturday Eve).

This week’s must watch: In honor of those young people you know, check out (i.e. show them) Katharine Hayhoe’s advice for how the next generation can make a difference now on climate change. From ideas for greening schools to innovative inspiration to “figure out cool new ways to fix the problem” to cutting energy use, there are steps kids can take to have an immediate and lasting impact.

This week’s must read: with our friends at Citizens Climate Lobby coming to town next week, this op-ed by their executive director Mark Reynolds feels timely. Don’t laugh, we’re closer to a bipartisan solution on climate change than you think. (The Hill) “Now that we have Republicans and Democrats talking to one another about one of the great challenges our civilization faces, where does that conversation go? What is the solution that finds common ground between two parties that have fundamental differences about the role of government?”

This week’s must listen: Carmel, Indiana Mayor Jim Brainard explains why he stands by his conservative case for the U.S. to remain a party to the Paris Climate Accord. “A lot of us here in the Midwest grew up in small towns among children of people who worked the land, farmers. Those people understand it’s important to preserve it — conserve it — and traditionally it’s been a conservative value. It’s very disappointing to me that suddenly we have people who call themselves conservatives that have no interest in conserving our most important natural resource, the earth.”

The 92 percent: According to a poll conducted by The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and the Conservative Energy Network (CEN), 92 percent of millennials think an all-above energy policy is the best strategy to move America forward toward energy independence. Furthermore, millennial conservatives are advocating a pro-environment agenda that spurs innovation and entrepreneurial freedom. As ACC President Benji Backer explains, “Young voters are embracing clean energy because it is strengthening economic competitiveness, offering consumers greater choice and a more diverse energy portfolio. With the growing moral and economic implications of environmental issues, conservatives must lead if they hope to garner support from the youth demographic in future elections.”

Tweet of the week: Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to say what’s on our minds.

The power of reading: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine elaborated on his recent change of position on human activity and climate change. “I heard a lot of experts, and I read a lot,” Bridenstine told The Washington Post. “I came to the conclusion myself that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that we’ve put a lot of it into the atmosphere and therefore we have contributed to the global warming that we’ve seen.”

A huge thanks to those who have reached out to us with ideas, tips, high fives, and feedback. Your thoughts are appreciated and helpful. Now wish this kid (circa 2015 after catching his first big and edible fish) good luck! The future rests in his hands.