March… comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb, am I right? As we march toward spring, a time of renewal, renew your commitment to the EcoRight community. Write an LTE or op-ed. Share the EcoRight Speaks with a friend (the first episode of the new season is linked below). Invite Bob to speak at one of your events (virtually or in person). There are so many ways to show up!

This week’s must read: Human Tragedy and Market Failure: the Growing Cost of Climate Change (Rev. Mitch Hescox, Real Clean Energy)

The president emeritus of the Evangelical Environmental Network, Rev. Mitch Hescox, writes: “If God were not a gracious Landlord, humanity would have been evicted from the earth long ago. It’s time to acknowledge the actual costs of carbon pollution, accept the externalities, and allow the market to function. For far too long, we have buried the costs in the health and lives of all God’s children.”

Check out the full article to read more on why he supports climate action.

We’re back: Season Eight of the EcoRight Speaks

Welcome to SEASON EIGHT of the EcoRight Speaks. Kicking things off for us is
Nathan Crabbe, editor of The Invading Sea, a website featuring news, commentary and educational content about climate change and other environmental issues affecting Florida. The website—founded in 2018 as a collaboration among the editorial boards of the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel, with Miami-based public radio station WLRN serving as a news partner—is managed by Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies. Many an EcoRighter have been published by the Invading Sea and we are happy to have this working relationship with them.

Listen in on my conversation with Nathan as we discuss the importance of climate journalism, media cooperation, and EcoRight voices.

Coming up next week, Dr. Holly Krukta, Executive Director of the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources – overseeing an interdisciplinary academic, outreach and research program focused on serving the Wyoming energy and extractive sector.

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Wonder twin powers, activate!

This op-ed penned jointly by Mary Anna Mancuso and Bob Inglis in support for the PROVE IT Act was published by the Post and Courier: Free enterprise innovation drives emissions reductions.

“A substantial portion of imported steel that comes into the United States originates in countries such as China, where production methods contribute to higher carbon intensity. Our superior steel competes with steel made in countries that are far less energy efficient. Their lax environmental standards often enable them to beat our steel head-to-head because of the cheaper price,” they write. “There needs to be a way to level the playing field. The PROVE IT Act could help do that.”

That’s it for me. I’m riding a *real bike* (as opposed to a Peloton) this weekend. Wish me luck.