Friday the 13th edition…

This week was quiet in climate change circles, but in the spirit of keeping readers up to date with the latest and greatest, here are a few related items of interest to jumpstart your weekend:

  • Donald Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has yet to endorse the presumptive nominee, but signaled willingness to work together toward the goal of winning in November.
  • Trump had a phone call with former candidate, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who also is yet to offer endorsement, but outlined his policy priorities.
  • Trump anointed Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) as his lead on energy and environmental policy. Cramer has indicated potential support for a carbon tax over the Clean Power Plan as a tool for reducing emissions and has said about climate change, “I’ve been skeptical, but I don’t resist the reality that we’re heading toward or our goal is a more carbon-constrained world.”
  • Did you miss our blog post, On Making Hairspray Great Again? If so, check it out here.

Stay tuned for our soon-to-come rollout of a newly expanded ClimateEye!

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