And here we are, at the end of October. Do you have your candy and/or costume ready? Favorite scary movie? Here’s a song to get you in the spirit. In the meantime, don’t let climate hoaxers scare you.

This week’s must read: Big Innovation. Spokesperson Chris Casey writes again, this time for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “Conservatives should embrace the potential for a tax on carbon and the conservative benefits that come along with living in a healthier environment with reduced federal government interference. Conservatives need to embrace the issue of climate change and take action rather than run from it as the millennial generation becomes the biggest voting bloc in our country. With 81 percent of our ranks supporting climate action–in equal strength across party lines–a carbon tax could be one of the few issues that allow Republicans and Democrats to work together.”

Shout it from the rooftops: New York’s Rep. Elise Stefanik and Florida’s Rep. Carlos Curbelo both highlighted and defended their climate record and bipartisanship at recent events. “I’m simply a reflection of what the free-market, small-government conservative party is going to look like in the future — whether it’s called the Republican Party or something else,” Curbelo said. Likewise, Stefanik told The Post-Star editorial board: “I am proud that I am in the top 10 percent of most bipartisan members of Congress, and I have a record of reaching across the aisle. That’s something in today’s political climate. I think that shows my willingness to lead and be independent of my party.” Curbelo crossed party lines to lead the opposition to an anti-carbon tax resolution championed by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and also introduced the first Republican-sponsored carbon tax bill since 2009.

Stefanik has led the so-called “Republican resolution” on climate change, which in her words “forces Republicans on the record to acknowledge climate change is happening, is a problem, is science-based” as well as providing the defense of critical language in the annual must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. She is “focused on trying to get Republicans up to speed on this issue” of climate change. “I think on the global scale the U.S. needs to lead on this instead of being at the bottom, being behind. I think that we should use our leadership to pressure countries like India and China to really step up and take this on.” Stefanik has been a member of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, which Curbelo co-founded, since its inception.

Level headed: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said he has “no reason to dismiss” the most recent International Panel on Climate Change report. “NASA is one agency on the planet that does more to inform the world on how the climate is changing than any other agency, and we’re going to continue to do that,” he said in an interview with the Atlantic. He stopped short at suggesting a policy approach. “My role is to deliver dispassionate science and allow policy makers to have these debates about it,” he said. “Look, if I start engaging in what to do about the science that we receive, then it politicizes what NASA is all about, and we don’t want to do that. All we’re going to do is study the planet and make sure that all of that data and all of that science is made available to the public.” Bridenstine is a former Congressman from Oklahoma and earlier this year, announced his position had “evolved” on climate change.

O, Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the country will adopt a national price on carbon beginning in January 2019. If Canada can do it, so can we! (Not pictured, Trudeau cuddling baby pandas.)

Climate jester of the week: Speaking at a Texas Oil and Gas Association energy forum, perennial climate hoaxer Sen. Ted Cruz called climate change “the perfect, I believe, pseudoscientific theory because it could never be disproven.” Furthermore, while arguing that the climate is always changing, Cruz criticized schools for teaching climate change as “very much indoctrination of the kids.” Cruz has previously asserted there is “no significant recorded warming whatsoever.” For speaking from the same tired and inaccurate talking points year after year, Cruz is this week’s climate jester.

Happy Birthday, T. Roos: Tomorrow would be Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday. Cake and conservation for everyone!

Rosemary’s Baby, Halloween (the original), and the Conjuring are queued up and ready to watch. Enjoy your weekend!