It’s the Ides of September (is that a thing?) and Hurricane Lee is going to make direct landfall in Down East Maine… the first hurricane to do so since 1991. But the weather is going to be great here, so garden (i.e. weeds) here I come…

This week’s must read: We need conservative voices at the climate solutions table (The Colorado Sun)

Author Susan Atkinson writes that: “Conservative legislative voices in the climate change conversation are crucial for fostering bipartisan support, designing effective policies, and ensuring long-term sustainability of efforts to address this global challenge.”

Read her full piece for more insights!

EcoRight Speaks, Season Seven, Episode Six: National Clean Energy Week Chair, Heather Reams

This week’s guest is way overdue for an appearance on the show. Heather Reams is the president of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, a right-of center non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that engages policymakers and the public about responsible, conservative solutions to address our nation’s energy, economic, and environmental security while increasing America’s competitive edge. She’s also the chair of National Clean Energy Week, putting her at the heart of clean energy advocacy on Capitol Hill. In fact, she’s about to host the annual forum, National Clean Energy Week, which this year runs September 25-29th. A “who’s who of the energy world,” National Clean Energy Week was started to raise awareness of and demonstrate the potential and value of clean energy policies that create jobs, spark economic growth, lower energy prices and lead to a cleaner environment.

Heather previews what to expect at this year’s forum and gives us some perspective on the topic of clean energy on Capitol Hill.

Coming up next week: my conversation with “climate marketing” expert, founder of the Potential Energy Coalition, John Marshall.

ICYMI: September 25-29 is National Clean Energy Week

Don’t forget to register for the FREE policymakers symposiums included as part of National Clean Energy Week! Guests are still being added, as Heather mentioned in the podcast, but it’s sure to be packed full with a “who’s who” of clean energy experts!

Quote of the Week: From Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, at the Conservative Climate Summit, a sold-out event in Utah that focused on a conservative approach to climate solutions.

“As a mountaineer, I know that glaciers are disappearing,” he said. “As a rancher, I can see what’s happening to our farms. As someone who cares about the world for our future, as a conservative, I feel very strongly that this country needs to get off its butt and do so with honesty and a respect for what’s happening.”

The event was also attended by everyone’s favorite conservative climate lawmaker, Rep. John Curtis.

Our next webinar: Nuclear Now

Be sure to register/save the date for our next webinar series, scheduled for September 26th at 2pm ET (12MT) on the theme of of nuclear energy!

Directed by Oliver StoneNuclear Now is a documentary about nuclear power and its use as a means to help combat climate change. Join us September 26 for a discussion with Idaho National Laboratories’, Shannon Bragg-Sitton (who stars in the film) to talk about today’s nuclear power, how it’s different from the nuclear of the past, and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Register here: https://republicen.org/nuclearnow


That’s it for me! Have a great weekend!