Florida’s Rep.Carlos Curbelo, who distinguished himself as a leader in the GOP on climate change, rejected criticism from Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist that he lost his reelection because of his introduction of a carbon tax bill.

“Those are fraudulent claims,” Curbelo told the Washington Examiner. “Those groups are as disingenuous and dishonest and corrosive to our politics as groups on the Left.” Calling climate change “a winning issue for me,” he took aim at the environmental groups that did not support his candidacy. “These disingenuous environmental groups need to decide if they want a climate solution or if they want a political solution.”

Curbelo was a strong advocate for the House Climate Solutions Caucus he helped co-found. More than half of the GOP members of the bipartisan group retired or lost their reelection. However, he remains optimistic: “we also have great champions on our side of the aisle who are going to keep working on this.”