In a shift from the previous administration, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who last month appointed a Chief Science Officer, announced he is now seeking a Chief Resilience Officer. The job will include coordinating Florida’s preparations for “environmental, physical and economic impacts of climate change, especially sea level rise,” according to a job posting. On that note, applications are being taken through the end of the month. And we think it’d be pretty cool to have a friend of the EcoRight in this position.

The state’s chief resilience officer would work with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies to: develop statewide resilience goals; identify resources already targeted towards resilience efforts; coordinate scientific data, research, and analysis needs across state agencies; and cultivate and maintain relationships with communities to plan for and implement resilience projects and ensure communities throughout Florida are climate ready.

“My environmental policy is just to try to do things that benefit Floridians,” DeSantis has said.