It’s season eight and we FINALLY got American Conservation Coalition (ACC) founder and executive chairman and recent author Benji Backer on the show! He’s smart. He’s charming. Our conversation was not only overdue but delightful!

For his work spearheading the ACC, he has been named to the Fortune 40 Under 40, Forbes 30 Under 30, GreenBiz 30 Under 30, and Grist 50 lists. A frequent contributor to national media outlets, he’s become one of the leading environmental voices in the United States. Above all, Backer is an avid outdoorsman who spends most of his free time in the mountains out West. Earlier this year, his book, The Conservative Environmentalist: Common Sense Solutions for a Sustainable Future, was published, and we sat down for a chat about his book, the state of politics, and how to bridge the partisan climate divide.