Our friends at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions assembled partner organizations for the second annual National Clean Energy Week, five days of stepped up activity in Washington, DC and the states to highlight innovations, progress and needs in the energy sector. Former New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte kicked off the week with her op-ed published in the Concord Monitor. “Diversified methods of electricity generation not only help to drive local job creation and economic development, they also ensure that the quality of our air and water remains pristine for future generations.,” she writes.

EcoRighter Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York was awarded one of the 2018 Clean Energy Awards. “”As the proud Representative of the Adirondacks, I know the importance of protecting our environmental treasures. I have been pleased to lead the way on issues ranging from addressing climate change to promoting renewable energy sources, and I will continue to work across the aisle to ensure we protect our environment for future generations to enjoy,” she said of the honor. Her tweet:

Two EnCourage Tour events serendipitously coincided with National Clean Energy Week. Bob Inglis was in Western Michigan on Monday, where he keynoted an event hosted by Western Michigan University’s Institute for Environment & Sustainability and the WMU Climate Change Working Group. Then on Wednesday in Nebraska at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Bon co-hosted an event with Sustain UNL. “Human beings need the protection of the whole tribe,” Bob said in LIncoln. “We are herd animals and we want to be with other people. We are out to prove that you are not alone if you are a conservative and believe in climate change.”

Continue to beat the drum, EcoRighters!