Pennsylvania’s Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick added another carbon tax bill to the suite of free market options, this one building off the progress he and former Rep. Carlos Curbelo kickstarted last year. The MARKET CHOICE Act, which bears the same name as last year’s measure, though makes some tweaks to the legislative details, would implement a fee on carbon while eliminating the gas tax, and directing most of the revenue to infrastructure development and enhancement.

EcoRight allies cheered. The more carbon tax proposals, the better. If you want to dig into the particulars, check out this analysis on the previous iteration of the bill from the Niskanen Center.

“By transitioning federal infrastructure funding from the gas tax to a carbon tax, the MARKET CHOICE Act will allow us to cut emissions efficiently and effectively while addressing our crumbling infrastructure,” says Joseph Majkut.

Curbelo, a senior advisor to Alliance for Market Solutions weighed in with these positive words for his former House mate.

We’re here for it, for all the carbon tax love.