Carbon Washington, a campaign in Washington to support I-732, a statewide ballot initiative that would assess a revenue-neutral fee on carbon emissions, faces environmental opposition but has garnered some Republican support.

State Sen. Mark Miloscia announced he would back the initiative because it uses “proven market measures” to reduce carbon emissions. Likewise, former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Finkbeiner lent his support to the effort, as has GOP Sen. Steve Litzow.

“For our children and future generations, we need to start the long transition away from fossil fuels and the pollution they create,” said Litzow in a press release. “Pollution damages our air quality, waterways, health and climate. I-732 creates a market-driven, non-regulatory incentive to reduce pollution without increasing our total tax burden or the size of government.”

The measure, which will be on the ballot this fall, would offset the carbon tax with cuts in the state sales tax and business and occupation tax, as well as tax credits for low-income families. Greens are advocating an alternative measure that would use revenues to fund low income families and clean energy investments.