Two-thirds of Americans don’t think the Administration is doing enough on climate, according to Pew Research Center polling. Results indicate a generational divide, with 52 percent of 18 to 38-year-old Republicans dissatisfied with government climate action, compared with 41 percent of those aged 38-54, and 31 percent of those aged 55 or above.

The below chart strikes quite the visual:

Related, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has started meeting with other key Republican lawmakers on a package of climate bills. “It’s really just setting the foundation to counter people who say, ‘Republicans are bad on climate,'” a GOP House source reported to Washington Examiner’s Josh Siegel. “Well, here’s the counter-narrative.” Rep. Garret Graves, who serves as the ranking member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, is preparing a report that will be the basis of a broader strategy.