Well, that weekend went by fast. Here are the reads that welcomed us into the week.

Green New Deal is opportunity for GOP to retake climate debate (The Hill). “While the Green New Deal has become a rallying cry among Democratic presidential hopefuls, Republicans are rightfully critical that it would massively expand the role of government, pick winners and losers and cost tens of trillions of dollars in new federal spending. But if we learned anything from the failed repeal of ObamaCare, Republicans should remember that being critical isn’t enough. The GOP must take this opportunity to now advance a realistic solution and retake the climate debate,” Former Pennsylvania Congressman Ryan Costello writes. “More than 80 percent of voters – including 64 percent of Republican voters – want the government to do more to reduce carbon emissions.”

A multimillionaire construction magnate is Florida’s most environmentally friendly Republican (The Invading Sea) “Rooney’s environmental bent comes from a lifetime spent on the water — he once sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and holds a boat captain’s license from the U.S. Coast Guard — and a lot of conversations with his adult children. He noted that his parent’s generation was OK with dirty steel mills in Pittsburgh and factories in Chicago until the pollution started killing people. He said his children’s generation won’t accept that.”

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