What’s newsy today, you ask?

Reader beware: This report from the BBC on misinformation on Twitter caught our eye. According to a study conducted by Brown University, “a quarter of posts about climate change on Twitter were written by bots.” Bots are computer programs, not humans, but they are disguised to look like humans, and these particular ones are trying to give “the impression there was a high level of climate change denial.” In other words, they are spreading lies and trying to deceive the Twitter-reading public. Double check your sources, always!

Pressured by younger voters and an election, Republicans reluctantly embrace climate change (Newsweek): From the article:

  • “The party has to expand. And not only that, putting the politics aside, this is good government,” GOP strategist Susan Del Percio told Newsweek. “This is what our government is supposed to do: protect us from potential disasters, which if we do nothing, not only will there be an environmental issue, there will be a huge economic impact on our country and the world.”
  • “One of the fears that Republicans have had is that acknowledging climate change means you’re advocating for big government and you’re throwing out the free market. But that’s not the case. It’s not binary,” Heather Reams, the executive director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, told Newsweek. “We’re not losing our principles or dismantling capitalism.”
  • “I’m encouraged to see more Republicans abandon climate denial as a governing and political strategy,” Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida told Newsweek in a text message.

Today’s must watch: In this quick video, financial leaders talk about why climate change poses more than an environmental challenge.

“We don’t have a Federal Reserve to stabilize the world,” Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock said. “This is bigger, it requires more planning…the actions have to begin now.”