At republicEn.org, we are big fans of Peter Bryn and not just because he’s a conservative who used to work on Exxon who embraces market-based solutions to climate change. He’s also a nice guy. Be sure to check out his op-ed in the Daily Caller, A Conservative Escape Plan on Climate Change.

The highlights:

“We need to shake the false narrative that reduced emissions and affordable energy are mutually exclusive things. We’re Americans. We can have both,” Bryn writes. He scolds lawmakers who hid behind the “tired tune” of a lack of science credentials. “That’s a scapegoat. Instead, the problem critics have had has been with the solutions. The real concern is that our innovators are neither good enough nor smart enough to solve the low-carbon, affordable energy puzzle.”

“But what if addressing climate risks didn’t mean government tinkering? What if we could do it affordably and without implementing complex trading schemes? What if the free market could find solutions instead of Washington regulators? What if this approach were championed by Texan voices including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State James Baker and our largest oil and gas producers? What if it could give businesses and entrepreneurs maximum transparency and predictability? And all without growing government? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The solution is called a revenue-neutral carbon fee.”

We’ll let you read the rest for yourself, and while you’re at it, share the story with someone you know.