Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan co-authored an opinion piece with Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam on state leadership on climate change.

“Our most important job as governors is ensuring the safety of our constituents,” the regionally close governors write. “So when we face a threat to people’s livelihood and way of life, showing leadership means acknowledging the risk and addressing it. Climate change hits Democrats and Republicans alike, and we need to work together, despite our differences, to stop it.”

Maryland and Virginia are both part of the U.S. Climate Alliance, a group of 17 state leaders who have committed to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris agreement. “Our states will continue to develop our clean- and renewable-energy supplies. We will reduce emissions from fossil fuels. And we will make plans to adapt and protect our citizens and our coastlines. These steps will help slow climate change, but we need help. We call on leaders of all political persuasions to get to work and cooperate across aisles and across borders- both national and international- to meet the challenge of climate change,” the governors write.