Over the next few months, we will feature profiles on select members of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, the bipartisan, growing gang of Congressional leaders who embrace climate action.

Upon first glance, Michigan’s Rep. Jack Bergman isn’t the type of guy you’d expect to be swayed by kids. But this retired three-star Marine Corps general was impressed with a presentation made by Traverse City high schoolers from his district, who asked him to join the House Climate Solutions Caucus. “What stood out is their passion, their level of detail; their organizational skills,” says Bergman, who’d been considering joining the caucus, and said yes in their meeting.

“Michigan’s First District is home to some of our nation’s most cherished natural resources and I’m proud to join my colleagues to examine ways to promote and protect these resources,” Bergman said in the statement upon joining. “Michiganders understand that our Great Lakes and natural resources are worth protecting—for our environment, for our economy, for our kids and grandkids, and for the future of the Great Lakes region.”

He noted there has been a handful of meetings since he joined, including a panel on green energy solutions. “I joined it for the purpose of sitting with my colleagues—Democrats and Republicans,” he said. “There’s a lot of bipartisan work that goes on every day in Congress that the average American doesn’t see because it’s not newsworthy.”

He was recently praised for his support for a bill to protect at-risk wildlife.

We hope for future opportunities to work with this pragmatic leader.