The Republican caucus has been meeting and talking about a climate change plan since late last year, and now there seems to be a framework for action. According to Amy Harder at Axios, “trees, plastics and favorable tax policy are at the core of House Republicans’ new push on climate change — an effort to reassure voters they care about the problem after a decade of dismissing it.”

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is at the heart of organizing the effort, with support from key lawmakers on the committees of jurisdiction. While there is no emissions reduction goal underpinning the policies they plan to put forth—”It’s a mistake to set arbitrary targets like some folks are doing,” Rep. Garret Graves has said—they will focus on three specific areas: carbon capture (that’s where the trees come in), clean energy innovation and funding, and conservation, with an emphasis on better cleaning up and recycling plastics.

We will report back as more details emerge.