On Thursday, the House of Representatives will vote on an anti-carbon tax resolution offered by Louisiana’s Rep. Steve Scalise. The non-binding measure describes a carbon tax as “detrimental” to the economy. Congress adopted a similar resolution in 2016 with the support of every Republican and six Democrats. Yesterday, Rep. Carlos Curbelo, founder of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, called the resolution “a false choice” which he encouraged caucus members to reject.

This vote comes the same week that a set of research papers show a carbon tax would boost the economy while effectively driving down carbon emissions. Advocates for free market climate solutions such as national security interests and conservative-led groups are calling on members to reject the resolution. Alex Flint, executive director of Alliance for Market Solutions, welcomes what the debate over the resolution signals. “The discussion about a carbon tax is just beginning, and it will grow over time,” he said.