It’s National Clean Energy Week (NCEW), brought to you by our friends at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES). This bipartisan clean energy love-fest includes a packed agenda of events (I will be there in person to report tomorrow) with participation from lawmakers, industry groups, thought leaders, and more. And the designation is official. Senators Susan Collins and Maria Cantwell and Reps John Curtis and Alan Lowenthal introduced a bipartisan, bicameral resolution marking September 23rd through September 27th as “National Clean Energy Week.”

“The environment is, and should be, a bipartisan issue,” Curtis said. “I’m proud to lead this resolution and show that my congressional colleagues are working to leave the earth better than we found it.”

CRES honored EcoRighters Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Garrett Graves as Clean Energy Champions. Gaetz, a member of the House Climate Solutions Caucus and Graves, Ranking Republican of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, are both the frequent subject of stories on this blog.

“The effects of climate change pose a risk to Florida’s small businesses and tourism-based economy, and it’s why our country needs a Green Real Deal to address these challenges,” Gaetz said.

A full list of champions can be found here.

Yale Climate Connections interviewed CRES Executive Director Heather Reams about the purpose of NCEW, which she notes “allows a lot of people to get out of their silos and come together to solve problems together.” The 90-second segment is worth your listen.

And while Sen. Mitt Romney’s statement for tomorrow has been leaked, I will save the details for my live tweeting, just in case he mixes things up. So follow me @republicEn for all the NCEW fun! ??