Bleary eyed from the late and emotional punch from Game of Thrones? (I’m not crying, you’re crying…) What better way to get back to reality than to check out what non-GOT news the EcoRight is absorbing this morning.

Monday’s must listen: Young Republicans and climate change.

As American Conservation Coalition policy director Nick Lindquist says, “If someone told you anything was 9 times out of 10 going to happen, wouldn’t you do the thing that’ll give you the best outcome?”

Monday’s must read: Addressing climate change through the Green Real Deal (Rep. Matt Gaetz). Somehow this one slipped under our radar last week but we’re on it today. “While some in our government espouse that climate change isn’t happening, our military puts politics to the side,” Gaetz writes in an op-ed for the Northwest Florida Daily News. “These leaders carry the trust of the American people on their shoulders. We call on them to lead this country’s most precious resource — our people — into battle. They do not have the luxury of an academic debate about climate change; they do not have time to argue with a thermometer. So, when these same people state that climate change is real and already impacting our military, we should all listen.”

Quote of the weekend: “Let’s just cross the Rubicon,” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said at an EarthX event. “Let’s, as a party, say the Green New Deal sucks but climate change is real.”

RIP: Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar died over the weekend. Among his decades of accomplishments, in 2013 after he’d retired from public service, he founded The Lugar Center, which was committed to his policy priorities, including energy security.