Former Ohio Governor John Kasich thinks its time for Republicans to stop being the party of climate change denial and to start formulating policy solutions, according to a speech he plans to deliver tonight at the University of British Columbia. In an interview with Axios highlighting his remarks, he called climate change a “call to arms for me” and implored conservatives to “have a discussion instead of being in denial that this is a problem. You can’t just be a science denier.”

“We all evolve,” he said in the interview, pointing to the Fourth National Climate Assessment issued by the Administration last year. “As I see more and more evidence, especially from our government and scientists, you learn more. Let’s step it up.” He plans to lay out a “centrist” policy map, but did not provide specifics. “It’s not enough to say you don’t like [the Green New Deal] and not have something you can be for.”

We will report on the full speech tomorrow. But so far we like what we are hearing.