As of yesterday, the House of Representatives in Massachusetts passed a bill that would grant 2.2 billion dollars for climate adaptation and environmental protections. The money will help fund many projects across the state that includes the construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of seawalls, jetties and retaining walls; state and local dams; water and air quality protection; the containment, monitoring and cleanup of oil and other hazardous materials; and an Electric Vehicle Incentive Program.

The Senate of Massachusetts also sent voted on a clean energy bill to prepare for climate change. The bill will help increase the percentage of renewable energy that must be purchased by retail electric suppliers. This will make Massachusetts adopt statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits and reach their emission goals. It will also help lift the cap on solar net metering; authorize additional hydropower and offshore wind; and implement statewide energy storage goals.

Lastly, the Senate of Massachusetts also approved an amendment to make any solar incentive to make economic and environmental benefits that can be shared by low-income households.