Need to take a break from finalizing your taxes? Or maybe you already filed and need a distraction. Either way, here are a couple of good reads we enjoyed this morning.

Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter, a member of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, penned this op-ed, America must remain the world’s leader in energy development (Savannah Morning News). “America has the smartest and brightest scientific minds in the world. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t stay the leader of innovation in this field,” he writes. “I understand that opinions across the state and country differ about climate change or its impact on severe weather. I meet with Georgians nearly every day and I hear differing opinions on climate change and its cause. I believe climate change is real and industrial activity is a contributing factor.”

Likewise, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander also had his say on his Manhattan Project for Clean Energy, his proposed alternative to the Green New Deal. “I believe climate change is real. I believe that human emissions of greenhouse gases are a major cause of climate change,” he writes in this Fox News piece, Green New Deal would cost trillions annually—here’s a better idea. “So, as one Republican, I propose this response to climate change: the United States should launch a New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy, a five-year project to meet Ten Grand Challenges that will use American research and technology to put our country and the world firmly on a path toward cleaner, cheaper energy.” In a subsequent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the retiring Alexander said: “If you get past arguing about whether climate change is real and ask, ‘Should we be significantly increasing funding for clean energy research?’ you probably will get 80% support in the Senate.”

Have any recommended reads for us? If so, share them!