Senator Lisa Murkowski, chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, noted Republican members “are openly using the term climate change,” a shift in the GOP, which lately is leaning into instead away from climate conversations. “You are not seeing this kind of dismissive attitude but more open conversations about some of the challenges, some of the technologies we can look to, some of the solutions.” Murkowski chaired her committee’s first climate change hearing since 2012, with the focus of the hearing on the electricity sector. Hers will be one of several committee debating the issue. “It is very much a multi-committee effort,” she said.

In her opening statement, Murkowski said: “As more renewables come online and the mix of baseload power changes, our committee will focus on maintaining grid reliability and resiliency. We will prioritize keeping energy affordable. And we will also be working to advance cleaner energy technologies that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”