Two House Republicans who lost their bids for re-election sat down to chat with PBS News Hour to talk about the political peril of disagreeing with your party. Rep. Mark Sanford, who lost his primary to represent South Carolina’s first district, and Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who lost in the general election in a very blue Florida district, both had something to say about partisanship. “It’s as polarized as I’ve ever seen it,” Sanford said about the political dynamic. “People are reticent about speaking up.”

“People are more and more risk averse,” Curbelo added. “People more and more are in this for career, not for service… that distorts your ability to make sound decisions.” Curbelo called climate change “is an issue that has been demagogued” with the gap between the parties widened by special interest. “What I’ve tried to do here in the Congress over the last four years is… have a rational conversation. Let’s look at the facts. Let’s look at the science.”

Watch the full interview below:

On the political perils of disagreeing with your party