A coalition of the senior-most College Republican leaders from across the country is launching a new 50c4 lobbying campaign to support a market-based climate solution and spur Republican climate leadership. Co-founded by 25 chairs and vice-chairs of College Republican State Federations from across the US, Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends (YCCD) will mobilize young conservatives to engage directly with Republican lawmakers and champion the Baker-Shultz carbon dividends plan.

“What we’re hoping to do is amplify the voices of young conservatives. This really is a generational issue,” said Kiera O’Brien, a Harvard University senior who is the founder and president of the climate campaign. (Kiera is also a republicEn.org spokesperson.)

“We’re bringing together not only politicians and business leaders, but also students like us — students who have a very strong incentive to see effective and actual legitimate policy enacted,” said Grayson Massey, a former Utah College Republicans chair. “We feel like this is something that’s going to directly impact us, so we have strong motive for wanting to have people from different backgrounds be supportive of it.”

In cheerleading this new EcoRight group, our Alex Bozmoski noted: “The Green New Deal has started to scare the hell out of Republicans. It’s incumbent upon conservatives to offer alternatives or else the country, for lack of options, will take what’s offered.”

“As someone who founded the ecology club in high school, it brings great joy to hear that young conservatives are addressing the issue of climate,” said the EcoRight’s newest champion, Senator Mike Braun from Indiana.