On Friday, Pope Francis addressed oil company executives, telling them that climate change “threatens the very future” of humanity, adding that the “doomsday predictions” can no longer be dismissed.

“Time is running out!” Francis said during a conference called Energy Transition and Care for Our Common Home. “Deliberations must go beyond mere exploration of what can be done, and concentrate on what needs to be done. We do not have the luxury of waiting for others to step forward, or of prioritizing short-term economic benefits.” It is the second year in a row that the Vatican has invited oil executives to Rome. Eni, Exxon, Total, Repsol, BP, Sinopec, ConocPhillips, Equinor and Chevron all participated in the event, according to BBC. “The climate crisis requires our decisive action, here and now,” he said.

Francis has long called for climate action and in 2015 dedicated an encyclical to the subject.