Utah Rep. John Curtis, who joined republicEn.org for a nature hike and climate science chat last summer, held a town hall meeting in Springfield at which climate change was a topic of discussion.

“Let me shock you. You ready? The climate’s changing and man is influencing it,” Curtis told the audience. His remarks come on the heels of several positive climate comments made by Senator Mitt Romney, who is weighing the benefits of putting a price on carbon. “Now I think there are a number of things we can agree on as Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, wherever you find yourself on the spectrum,” Curtis said. “We don’t have to stop and make someone pass a litmus test to consider them good partners with us on this.” On the solution side, Curtis said “we could do this so much better if we could go to those rural parts of our country and say, we would love to transition, and we are here to help you transition.”

In other news over the weekend:

  • Illinois Rep. John Shimkus, who has grown more vocal about the need for climate action in the wake of the Green New Deal, announced he won’t seek re-election.
  • Pope Francis challenged governments to find the “political will” to address climate change. “The increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather phenomena and the desertification of the soil are causing immense hardship for the most vulnerable among us,” the Pontiff said.

Enjoy the week ahead!