Senator-elect Mitt Romney, who will represent Utah come January, is signaling climate change could be a priority when he gets to Capitol Hill. In an interview with E&E News, he pointed to climate change as a “critical area” that needs addressing. He’d have support back home.

In May, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed into law a landmark climate resolution which recognizes the reality of climate change, the impact of human activity, and the state’s opportunities to respond. The measure was championed by EcoRighter Rep. Rebecca Edwards at the behest of student groups who had advocated for her leadership. She and her Senate sponsor, Sen. Todd Weiler, worked tirelessly to assure the climate change resolution would pass, indicating a warming toward climate action.

In Utah’s 4th Congressional District, Rep. Mia Love (whose race is still too close to call) was a member of the House Climate Solutions Caucus. “I take no shame in [admitting climate change is caused by human activity],” she said, “and I hope that you’re okay with that also.” In August, Rep. John Curtis took a hike with our spokesperson Nick Huey and discussed climate change with Brigham Young University scientists.

The EcoRight is feeling strong about Utah’s prospects for climate leadership.