Former EPA Administrator Bill Ruckelshaus, the first to hold that position after the agency’s creation, called GOP resistance to climate science “a threat to the country.” Given the nickname “Mr. Clean” when he returned to the EPA under President Reagan in 1983, he warned of the detrimental impacts of the agency under current Administrator Scott Pruitt losing its climate scientists. “If your position is, ‘I don’t believe the science, therefore I’m going to get rid of all the scientists studying this, and let’s not mention it in any public announcement,’ that’s just crazy,” Ruckelshaus said. ” What you want to do is more science.”

On the flip side, former presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, addressing farmers in Utah last week, prognosticated that “in about 10 years, I’ll bet 90 percent of the cars we buy are electric.” Last year, Romney said he believes the climate is changing and that “humans contribute to it in a substantial way.”

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