Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on the Fox News program On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, where she asked his position on climate change.

“The climate’s always changed,” Rubio said. “There’s never been a time the climate has not changed.”

“As a policymaker, we are being told climate is changing because of manmade activity, these are the laws we want you to pass. But then I look at the economic impact of that law, and it’s significant.”

“America is not a planet,” Rubio reiterated a comment he made in the second Republican debate. “I’m not supporting policies that are going to hurt our economy and have no impact, zero, on the climate.”

Rubio added that he supports “the American innovator.”

“Let’s lead the world in energy efficiency, but let’s lead it through technological advances. I support leading the world in solar and wind and biofuels and in renewables. But I think we would be reckless and irresponsible not to fully utilize our natural gas, which is a clean fuel, and our oil too.”

“I believe the American innovator will continue —without government interference— to do what it’s doing now, which is to make us more energy efficient.”