In an interview with The Atlantic, outspoken Terminator and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dismissed the Green New Deal as a “marketing tool” and “bogus,” noting that “to me, the only thing that really matters is: How do we move forward with our goals? And this means that we stop increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution that we put out there. The idea is to have the whole nation do that, and to have the whole world do that.”

Referring to himself as a “Ronald Reagan Republican, someone that is very, very good with protecting the economy, but also good at protecting the environment,” Schwarzenegger hailed California’s efforts on climate change.

“We in California have shown that it can be done, and we have shown how to do it. And therefore, if the nation really wants to be serious in reducing greenhouse gases by 25 percent like we did, all they have to do is copy us. That’s what states are supposed to do, to be the laboratory for the federal government, and just have the federal government copy very good ideas done by various states.”

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