Senator Lindsey Graham joined a bicameral group of lawmakers to unveil the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Caucus. Flanked by Senators Steve Daines from Montana, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Cory Gardner from Colorado, Rob Portman from Ohio, and Richard Burr from North Carolina, Graham outlined the basis for the formation of the group. “We need to showcase that we care about conservation, we care about the environment, and we have innovative solutions,” he said. “We believe in innovation when it comes to solving environmental problems.”

“We have an opportunity to lead,” Murkowski said, listing the many policy areas where there is opportunity for agreement in Congress such as the permanent authorization of the Land Water Conservation Fund and the numerous clean energy bills moving through the Senate Natural Resources Committee, which she chairs. “The reality [is] that we can and should be doing so much more.”

“The next generation is going to receive an environment in better condition…than the one inherited when they were born,” Gardner added in his remarks. “It’s the spirit of the west.”

The House side was represented at the press conference by caucus co-chair Rep. Brian Mast of Florida and members Reps. Fred Upton from Michigan, Matt Gaetz from Florida, and Will Hurd from Texas. “We can maintain our beautiful parks and our environment and we can make sure that this country continues this renaissance when it comes to energy,” said Hurd, whose district represents more wind and solar production than any congressional district in the U.S.

“As conservatives…there ought to be a time we want to conserve something,” Gaetz—author of the Green Real Deal—said. “While our differences in this town matter, nothing matters more than the fact we all share the same planet.”

During Q&A, Graham asserted that “we will win the solution debate…But the only way you’re going to win that debate is to admit you’ve got a problem.”

You can watch the entire press conference below (remarks begin at the 7:00 mark):