Citing rising concerns from national security experts and uncertainty for business interests, North Carolina’s Sen. Thom Tillis said in a recent Spectrum News interview “there are a lot of reasons” to address climate change. “We have to come up with several strategies to recognize reality: the climate changes.” Calling “both extremes wrong,” he pointed to the “coalition of people in the middle who want to solve the problem.” While Tillis indicated GOP resistance to climate action stems from “a noble concern” over the impacts those solutions would have on state and district economies, he said “if the U.S. wasn’t in the discussion about tackling climate change, we’d be a very different world and we’d be in a lot greater danger.”

In calling for a “multidimensional solution,” he called for keeping the U.S. “on the forefront of trying to come up with a solution…But it has to be solution that the global players play a part in. I could see in future trade agreements, that the whole idea of your impact on the environment being a part of the terms.”

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