Today Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) and the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) announced the results of a national survey finding that more than two-thirds of voters voters ages 18-38 want the party to do more to combat climate change. “Younger Americans are set to exercise their political muscle in 2020, and this survey clearly demonstrates that if the Republican Party wants to ensure both short and long term viability, it must embrace policies aimed at reducing emissions that affect climate change,” said Heather Reams, Executive Director of CRES Forum. “Millennial Republicans understand that a commonsense approach to balancing our nation’s economic, energy and environment needs is good policy and good politics. The survey results tell us that elected leaders will be rewarded by running for reelection on a record that supports clean energy development and deployment.”

Key takeaways from the survey are that Republican millennial voters believe the GOP needs to do more to address climate change and that ignoring climate change will be detrimental to the Republican Party. Fifty-seven percent of millennial GOP voters also believe change change is human-caused and three in four support federal action to accelerate the development of clean energy. Most believe it is very important or at least somewhat important to expand and use renewable energy resources.

This is the #EcoRight!