Outspoken climate change terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed concern over the lack of urgency to act on climate change. “We really have to take care of our planet for the future of our children…If we’re not taking action now it will be soon too late,” he told CNN. “It is extremely important that in order to be successful with our environmental crusade and to fight global climate change and to fight all of the pollution we have worldwide, we all have to work together.” The former California governor spoke from the slopes of his home-country of Austria. “And the more people we bring into the crusade the better it is. The world leaders alone have not been able to solve the problem and they won’t.”

Schwarzenegger has been critical of President Trump’s position on climate change, particularly his withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord. “Eventually one day he will wake up and he will realize he made a big mistake to sell out to the oil companies and coal companies rather than to sell out to the American people.”