In what was estimated to be the largest global protest for action on climate change, millions of people participated in more than 2,500 climate events scheduled in over 163 countries on all seven continents. The EcoRight was there. And this was a good step toward showing that conservatives care about the issue—and have solutions to put on the table.

Spokespeople John Sweeney and Jacob Abel attended the New York protest and Jacob is participating in the U.N. Youth Climate Summit. Stay tuned for John’s written reflections, and in the meantime, here’s what Jacob had to say.

“There is a big generational divide,” Jacob notes, while talking about why he pushes back against the argument that the rest of the world isn’t acting.


In Florida, two of our County Youth Chairs, Rishabh S. and John L., represented republicEn at the St. Augustine Climate Strike.


Likewise, 17-year-old Aditya P., one of our County Youth Chairs in Illinois, spoke on behalf of the #EcoRight at the Elmhurst Climate Strike!

“Regardless of the letter next to your name, we’re all in the same boat,” he says in this three-minute clip of his speech.


In Kalamazoo, member Rick F. tabled for us. Here’s a picture of him spreading the good word, mostly to Western Michigan University students:


And this event in Utah had my favorite sign.

Were you at a climate rally in your area? Share your photos and experiences with us!