The past weekend included some colorful reading that I feel compelled to share with you:

Former California governor and terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger writes: Trump can’t erase a decade of clean air progress with a Sharpie (Washington Post) in which he recounts the history behind the California waiver to regulate auto emissions and harkens back to the leadership of the late President Ronald Reagan. “We set our standards, and the federal government didn’t just respect our authority, it generally made our rules the standard for the entire nation,” he explains. “How many times have you heard conservatives beat the drum of states’ rights? But suddenly, when a state wants to pollute less and protect its citizens from deadly pollution, conservatives throw states’ rights straight out the window.”

from Arnold Schwarzenegger GIFs via Gfycat

In that hotbed of climate activity otherwise known as Utah, Yoran Bauman writes in the Salt Lake Tribune, After RomneyCare, it’s time for RomneyAir, in which he implores Senator Mitt Romney to devote his legacy to “something that one might call RomneyAir: a small-government, market-based approach to clean air and climate change.”

And one last interesting tidbit for this Monday, polling in Indiana, one of the states with the highest number of self-identified conservatives, shows that a majority believe climate change is happening. “Around 80% of respondents reported believing that climate change was occurring ‘somewhat’ or ‘to a great extent,'” according to a summary of the survey. Interestingly, most Hoosiers don’t have faith that their neighbors feel so strongly about the issue. “Respondents underestimated by about 24% how many Hoosiers accept climate change. Doubters thought that most others shared their skepticism, estimating that only around 43% in Indiana held the opposite opinion.”

Stay tuned for more as the week progresses.