Starting the week off with a bang.

President Donald Trump, appearing on 60 Minutes on Sunday and addressing the IPCC’s dire climate change report, acknowledged “something’s changing” but expressed confidence “it’ll change back again.”

“I’m not denying climate change,” he said in the interview with Lesley Stahl. “But it could very well go back. You know, we’re talking about over a … millions of years.” When asked how to explain climate scientists who say the threat is worse than ever, Trump said: “You’d have to show me the scientists because they have a very big political agenda.”

Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, interviewed by Jake Tapper on CNN, continued to question how much climate change is “due to human activity.”

“Yeah, look, scientists are saying that humanity and its behavior is contributing towards that,” Rubio said. “I can’t tell you to what percentage of that is due to human activity.”

For sticking to old talking points and not opening up to talk about solutions, Trump and Rubio are joint jesters.